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A complete commerce toolkit

built for developers
BrillantPay APIs
Free to build on

BrillantPay APIs are free to integrate in your platform. These are available in our Github, where you can get the latest stable version. They are designed to integrate easily on mobile, desktop, and Web applications with no code break.

Kit for all
Powerful toolkit for anyone

BrillantPay payments kit is powerful enough to serve every business, small and large: from corner eateries, to ecommerce, travel, insurance, cable services, and the government.

Scale up
Grow your business

BrillantPay is the software platform that takes care of all kinds of payments, reporting, invoicing and analytics for you, so that you can focus on your customers and scale up fast.

Non-breaking upgrades

BrillantPay engineers and developers are constantly upgrading the APIs to increase functionality and give better experience for you to be able to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Remember the old days when you used reams of paperwork, expensive procedures, surprise fees and complex compliance procedures? Well, we have engineered BrillantPay to enable you start accepting payments in just 15 minutes.

Nice payment flows

Accept all mobile money payments, Pesalink/Bank transfers, and soon major cards and bitcoin, from customers around the world on web or in mobile apps. Design a custom payment flow to match your look and feel with BrillantPay Checkout, our embeddable form. Save payment details so customers can pay again with a single click.

Write minimal code

You don’t need to be a payments expert to support the newest features that improve customer experience and conversions. With one, simple, and unified platform, you’ll be ready to immediately support new tools like QR code payments, support different payment methods, and more.

Everything is secured

Achieve secured payments for all payment channels, including PCI-DSS compliance by just integrating BrillantPay and implementing our client-side tokenization on the mobile or web bindings. We ensure no sensitive data hits your servers, so it’s more secure and saves you work.

More than just payments
Grow your business, go global, and boost conversions by designing your business experience. 
Multiple channels

Leverage on the several payment methods we support, and we are constantly adding more.

Open-source plugins

Jumpstart your integration with plugins for WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, Openkart and more.

Smart analytics

Use our creative and predictive analytics to make informed business decisions. We strive to make you grow as fast.

Multi-language libraries

Libraries that play nice with your existing stack for desktop, web, Android and iOS in every language—from Node and PHP to Python and Haskell.

Scale easily

Using BrillantPay enables you to scale up easily even to other countries with minimal work. We support multiple currencies.

Multiple models

Get a payment solution for your unique business model. We support multiple models like B2B, B2C, C2B and Mass Payouts.

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Run your business on BrillantPay
Make faster business decisions using insights from real-time data. 
See all payments—across different payment types, countries, and 
currencies—in one place.

See and manage every payment, customer, subscription, transfer, and more right from your Dashboard. Quickly get a snapshot of your business and take immediate action. Each user gets an individual account with fine-grained permissions and two-factor authentication is available.

Automate and extend tasks

Hundreds of integrations help extend the BrillantPay platform and automate almost every manual process that used to take hours of human time: reconciliation, reviewing fraud, handling disputes, and more.

Keep everything in sync

Sync your BrillantPay data with all your existing systems—Netsuite, Quickbooks, and more—and make reconciliation and reporting a breeze for your finance team. If you add product data, we’ll even help calculate taxes, shipping costs, and more.

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